About mhtbworld.com

I started this site, to test out some of my webpage code.

I have been coding for many many years, in many many different programming languages.
Pascal was the programming language I started with, and since then, I have been through most of the major languages, as Assembler, Java and C++, to name a few.
And now I have moved on to ASP.
I love to learn a new language, and all that is requires to do so.

Gladiator is a game made by a friend of mine, in the old days, where I was attending roleplaying at nights.
I have tried to recreate Gladiator, in almost all the programming languages I have learned, but I have never been able to finish it.
Either because I grew bored, or other stuff got in the way.
I'm very happy to finally have finished it, and I do think that requires a webpage.

Now I use the site for fun stuff, and testing ASP code.

Thats all folks!
Pictures of me will come here a some point, I hope.